Ratel Cartel

10,000 vicious Ratel badgers will rule
the streets of New York!

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Ratel cartel


Minting of this singular and original collection is getting close!
These mutant honey badgers will soon be ruling the streets of New York in the upcoming play-to-earn Ratel Cartel game, and the NFT is your ticket into this revolutionary new age of gaming.

10,000 charming, suave, and absolutely murderous characters will be generated, with 15 traits and 250 attributes. Watch for rarities like gold fur, green eyes, and Ethereum and Bitcoin bling.

Check out our Discord for info on how the game works, how you can earn and invest through owning the NFT, and immerse yourself in an alternate reality of Ratel Cartel.



The artwork style for the collection is a mix of 2D and vector art, done in comic book style. 

The Rarity table will be released immediately after the launch giving specifics on the attributes of each NFT, and how rare your Ratel is. The collection will feature 15 different traits with over 250 attributes. 

The Ratel NFT possesses multiple levels of utility.
You can play to earn.
You can stake your NFT and earn without playing.
You can also lend your Ratel to other players on the terms you negotiate.



Merchandise drop for og holders


A Ratel is a Honey Badger, one of the most vicious and indomitable animals in existence. The Ratel Cartel NFT characters are honey dealing mutant Ratels with human characteristics, (similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,) living in a parallel universe to our own.

The Ratel Cartel is a criminal organization based in New York, made up of the most ruthless, savvy, and fashion-conscious Ratels out there. They may be lovable, but when it comes to the sweet sweet honey, eliminating an entire rival gang before breakfast is not an issue.

They are well organized, forward-thinking, and growth-minded. You do not want to get on the wrong side of these wicked, nefarious badgers.

Ratel Cartel will be a play and earn game, where you will play as your NFT Ratel character. By accumulating weapons and allies, you will advance through the streets of New York, dealing honey, building weapons, and acquiring turf. The main goal is to create and grow your own gang and rule as much territory as possible.

Ratel Cartel’s economy uses a dual token system and a state-of-the-art economic model that doesn’t require new users to pay existing users, allowing for a genuinely sustainable economy.

The game will be dropped in early Q2 of 2022.

Here is the link to the Ratel Cartel Litepaper. With community discussion between you, the team, and the game developers, we expect some elements of gameplay laid out in the Litepaper to change in order to create the most well-balanced model. 
Then, the whitepaper will be published.
Fair game mechanics are critical to a sustainable community of Ratel gamers, and we won’t stop until this is achieved.

Our goal is to create an NFT game that will be accessible to everyone, where you can play, earn and have fun, and continue to do so with awesome people from the Ratel Cartel community. We are in it for the long run.

All NFTs, gameplay, and in-game tokens will be driven by audited smart contracts. These smart contracts will be listed in the final iteration of the white paper.

Your NFT will enable you to participate, play, and build your character in the Ratel Cartel game.
If gaming is not your thing, there are still enough reasons to keep your Ratel Cartel NFTs close. As we continue building our game and developing the Ratel Cartel world, it will continue to grow in value. And more importantly, you can always stake your Ratel to passively earn in-game currency HONEY before the game is even released.


Team consists of 9 members from all over
the world, united through a love of art,
tech, crypto and crazy s#*t


Crypto Guru, DeepDive Analyst, Blockchain Ballistics Badger, Crackshot NFT Collector, Edible Ethics Expert. Builder and Creator.
Weekend Demolitions Done Dirt Cheap.
Climbed Mt Everest wearing a Virtual Reality headset. Sleeps only during earthquakes higher than 5 on the Richter scale.


Core Creative, Amazing Artist. Laughs when watching James Bond in ‘GoldenEye’. Ratels are her babies. Thinks honey badgers are cute, even though they tear the testicles off lions and tigers.
Favorite quote, “No worry, no worry.. x 100”. We are terrified when she says this. Sleeps only during international soccer matches.


Ruthless Whitehat Hacker, Caring Coder, Trained in Extreme Fashion Wearing, 4th Dan Crypto Blackbelt, Pioneered the ‘Fuck you I’ll learn it myself’ movement.

Only member of the team that speaks Ratelian. We are trusting her to give the real translations, Honey is more valuable than gold these days. Sleeps only during solar flares and supernovae events


Serial Entrepreneur and Skateboard Enthusiast. Project Projections and Ballistics Calculations calculated hourly, except Tuesdays and Thursdays. Numbers Ninja. Weapons and Cartoons Expert.
Buried in the Arctic Ice for 12 centuries, is actually an alien. Has no social media. Faints when someone says ‘IceCream”. Sleeps upside down, only on Sundays.


Fashion Forecaster, Designer, Gucci Queen, Saavy Social Media Submariner, Image Coach, NFT SharpShooter.
Watched all of the Seinfeld episodes in one sitting. Sleeps with both eyes open during boring conversations.


Core Creative, Graphic Design Wizard, and the first person to successfully rob an ice cream shop on rollerblades. NFT pioneer, Colour Palette Connoisseur, and voted “most likely to succeed”.
Tech lover, always has the the latest gadget which makes us all jealous. Only sleeps when the sun comes up, but lives in the arctic circle so that’s a huge problem.


Wordsmith, Devils Advocate. 7th in charge of the 2nd biggest Ratel Cartel Fan Club. 9th Dan Blackbelt in the obscure.
Artlover, Bankhater, and holder of the biggest stamp collection and shitcoin portfolio on the team. Sleeps only when driving faster than 200km/h


Core Creative. Graphic Designer, Gamer, Tech enthusiast, and holder of the highest score on Tetris. Ever. Also holds the record for highest cps on a game controller in the Southern Hemisphere.
Art lover, Meme lover, and Shadow Babe Lover. Game ecosystem advisor. As far as we know, he never sleeps.


Core Creative, Graphic Designer, Tech enthusiast, and Machine Gun Lover. Attends Anon Anonymous meetings once a week.
We are hoping for a face to face meeting soon. More information to follow. She sleeps only when in a state of quantum entanglement.


A Studio based in Bali, Indonesia,
specializing in photography and digital
image translation.

The company has advised us extensively
on gaming scene backgrounds and
coding, and editing of in-game movie

A Studio based in Bali, Indonesia, specializing in photography and digital image translation.

The company has advised us extensively on gaming scene backgrounds and coding, and editing of in-game movie clips.

As the black-ops arm working from within a major and long established gaming company, Airdrop Games will be the NFT and play-to-earn specialty boutique that will be developing Ratel Cartel game, along with a host of other projects.

This team wishes to stay anonymous for now, but not forever…

Philip Smouha ,The CEO and founder of the Lucky Buddha Beer company, has decided to back The Ratel Cartel after seeing the potential of the project.

“I’ve known the people behind the Ratel Cartel project for quite some time now, I’m impressed with their creative ability, these guys will deliver.” 


Game art design